All About Oysters

Oysters are one the most luxurious foods known to man. There is evidence that oysters were enjoyed by humans 164,000 years ago. People who lived near the coast also loved shrimp and other seafood delights like mussels, clams, and mussels.

Many people still enjoy oysters today and don’t care too much about how or where they came from. You’ve reached the right place if you are one of these people or want to be a gourmet. Here’s all you need to know before diving into the world of delicious seafood.

How Do Oysters Get Harvested?

You may be interested in oyster farming.

  • Handpicking is when people go to the ocean and pick oysters from the rocks or shells with their hands.
  • Raking: To collect oysters, the rake is pulled along the bottom.
  • Dredge using mechanical devices. This is a sustainable bay as it doesn’t disturb the seabed. Scraping dredge collects oysters from the top layer of seafloor sediments using rakes or teeth that scoop up the substrate. To chase shellfish from muddy or rocky bottom substrates, piercing dredges use pressure water to pressurize the water and place them in bags.

Oysters are unusually able to avoid attaching themselves to rocks or other objects within their habitat.

Wild Harvest Oysters

Wild harvest oysters are oysters that have been harvested from the sea, and not raised in aquaculture. They are more natural and pure than cultivated oysters because they are harvested from the ocean and not farmed.

Wild oyster harvesting is very different from farmed or cultivated varieties. Because they are not raised in tanks, but on natural reefs, this is why the process of harvesting wild oysters is so different.

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