BBQs 2u Is Now Representing Ooni Koda in the UK

BBQs 2u is a top independent Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbeque, and Ooni Pizza Oven retailer in UK. They have been selling barbecues since 2002, so they are passionate about all types of grills and can offer a wealth of grilling knowledge to their clients.

BBQs 2u sells and also stocks Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt Gravity, Napoleon, and Ooni Pizza Ovens, and also all the accessories of Ooni Koda, Kamado Joe, and Napoleon barbeque. BBQs 2u teams are BBQ enthusiasts with a wealth of grilling knowledge that they enjoy sharing with their consumers.

There is a BBQ for everyone, whether someone prefers gas or charcoal.

1.   Ooni Koda 16, A Gas-Powered Pizza Oven

For utmost convenience and control, choose the Ooni Koda 16, which is a Gas-Powered Pizza Oven. In 20 minutes, it will reach 500°C i.e. 932°F and can heat stone-baked fresh pizza in 60 seconds. It offers extra-large cooking space of 16” pizzas, bread, meat joints, and many other items! One-turn cooking with an L-shaped flame.

With the Ooni Koda 16, which is a gas-powered outdoor pizza oven, it is possible to get stone-baked enormous 16” pizzas and delectable veggies, flame-cooked meats, and seafood.

Blending a show-stopping style with the convenience of cookery with gas, this model of Ooni Koda can boast a good gap, massive mineral stone baking board, and also innovative formed flame.

2.   Kamado Joe BBQs UK, A Premium Ceramic Grills

The Kamado Joe UK is a thick-walled, traditional Asian-style grill that provides deep, smoky flavour to fish, meats, and vegetables. For generations, the air has flowed through the ceramic body of the grill and out the vented dome, bringing chunk charcoal to life as heat and smoke.

Kamado Joe is happy to carry on the legacy, upgrading the classic aesthetic of grill with unmatched craftsmanship, cutting-edge accessories, and a variety of cooking surfaces.

Kamado grills feature far thicker walls than ordinary grills, allowing them to maintain heat much more efficiently and effectively. Kamado grills are quite stable once preheated, and they can cook at high or low temperatures till there is charcoal and oxygen in the grill. Kamado grills are long-lasting and frequently built of ceramic materials.

Kamado grills get their name from a certain Japanese term kamado, which refers to classic Japanese wood or charcoal-burning cooking equipment. A classic kamado was a big urn or an egg-like vessel made from clay or some other ceramic material, comparable to a tandoor. The round form and also their hefty construction allowed for unique cooking benefits.

3.   Napoleon BBQs

These BBQs are gas and infrared grilling experts. This BBQ season, up to your grilling game by using Napoleon grills. With enhanced engineered performance, grilling features, and exquisite design, Napoleon BBQs is going to stand out from the rest of the others.

The goal of BBQs 2u is to deliver high-quality Napoleon Barbecues, Kamado Joe Grills, and Napoleon Barbecue accessories at the lowest possible costs while also providing the outstanding customer service that their customers deserve.

These days, it is very common to see the advertisement of all these BBQ-2u products on the social network like Facebook.

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