Check Some Of The Most Popular Japanese Ingredients!

People in Japan are really healthy, and that’s because the food in Japan is fresh, made with simple, seasonal ingredients. Japanese food is all about history and culture, and if you are an outsider, you will be surprised about a simple dining experience at any authentic restaurant. In recent years, Japanese ingredients have been incorporated in various cuisines, and many restaurants do serve what’s called fusion Asian food. In this post, we are talking of some of the most commonly used Japanese ingredients, so that you can order better at a restaurant next time.

  • Japanese Rice. When people think of Japanese food, they usually think of mochi or sushi, and all of these are made with Japanese rice. The texture of Japanese rice is very unique and sticky, and it has a specific flavor. You can use the rice to make sushi at home too, although Japanese sushi is an art of its own.

  • Most commonly used for making edamame, soybeans are standard to Japanese cuisine. Edamame is made by steaming or boiling soybean pods and served as an appetizer, and it is an incredibly healthy thing to order. You will also find that soybeans are used in many Japanese recipes in general.
  • This basically refers to a cooking stock, which is made by fermenting selected grains, mostly rice or soybeans. The process of fermentation actually adds the flavor that miso is known for, which can be then added to recipes, for making soups and more.
  • This one is a no-brainer. Japanese food is incomplete without seafood, more so because it is the key source of food for Japanese people. Seafood in Japan can be as varied as you can imagine. From something like raw seafood in form of sushi or in cooked forms, this is the staple like Japanese rice. People here love fishes too, and you will find anything and everything from squids and scallops to eels.

  • Yuzu and wasabi. Yuzu is a citrus food that has a bitter flavor, but is used for making many Japanese dishes more flavorsome. Yuzu vinegar is also popular, and you will find products that contain the essence of this fruit. Wasabi is another Japanese ingredient that has a similar flavor as that of mustard. If you are a fan of spicy foods, ask for Japanese dumplings that are served with wasabi sauces.

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