Discover The Basics Of Duck Meat Nutritional Facts!

If you are tired of the same-old chicken breasts in your lunch menu, you should definitely consider duck as an alternative. There is no denying that duck is known for its fat content, but it is also dense in nutrients and can be consumed as a party of your balanced meals. In this post, we are discussing more on duck as a protein source.

Knowing duck meat and recipes better

Most of the recipes that rely on duck meat and breasts use a cooking method that allows to render the fat, which leaves the lean meat behind. Many culinary experts actually prefer to use duck fat to cook various recipes, instead of plain butter, lard, and other similar options. Cooking duck recipes at home doesn’t have to be complicated either. You can actually place simply-salted duck breasts on a cold pan and allow the low flame to cook the breasts. Just make sure that you have scored the skin, so that the fat is rendered well.

Things to know

If you are following the keto, or a low-carb diet, you can actually use duck meat as a replacement for chicken. It doesn’t contain any carb or fibers, but has a good amount of protein, fat, and sodium. Note that duck meat contains a wide variety of different important micronutrients, including iron and selenium. It is also a source of niacin and has some amount of Vitamin C. Selenium, in particular, is good for thyroid health, and duck meat is a good source of that.

Preparing and cooking duck meat

Duck meat has a very distinct taste, and it is absolutely delicious in any form. We recommend that you check online for the best-rated stores and retailers in your area, so that you can get the best of stock. For cooking duck meat, as we mentioned early on, you have to render the fat, so scoring is important. Besides salt and pepper, you don’t need really need a lot of other ingredients, although duck meat is best served with sweet fruits and vegetable, for that extra punch. The sauce can be of your choice, but do not miss out on using the rendered fat, which can take any basic wine or chicken stock to the next level.

Duck meat is not as dry as chicken, and it definitely can be consumed every week, if not every day. You will find hundreds of recipes to try over the weekend!

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