Advantages of Food Trucks Vs Restaurants

Food trucks can be the answer to many of today’s woes – lack of availability of fresh food, hygienic conditions especially in remote areas, expensive real estate, and transportation costs. Food trucks can provide instant solutions to such problems.

The infrastructure required by restaurants and food vendors is minimal. All that is needed is a small vehicle with a grill or oven, a parking space, a few mobile shelves, some containers of stock, some corrugated boxes, and some tools. Truck catering is the most cost-effective solution to a wide range of daily problems.

Burger Food Trucks are virtually a steal on the transport market. An average street vendor in Mumbai, say, earns an average per month income of 40-50 thousand rupees; a simple road vendor, on the other hand, is priced at. 21,500 that includes all add-ons like hotplates, electricity units, refrigeration units, and water filters.

On the other hand, restaurant owners have to pay overheads including a restaurant manager, electricians, chefs, maintenance personnel, flooring workers, etc., while they also need to spend huge sums on purchasing restaurant equipment like countertops, stoves, appliances, floor tiles, crockery, linens, etc. Not to mention hiring a fleet of drivers, keeping payroll expenses and benefits, insurance, and all the other expenses required to run a restaurant.

A Mobile catering unit does away with all these worries. It requires only a small amount of money and a small amount of time. Truck catering services provide several advantages to restaurants and food vendors. First of all, food trucks cater to a large variety of cuisines from different parts of India and thus are a one-stop-shop for local cuisine.

Secondly, food trucks, on the other hand, save the owner from a lot of hassle. Instead of having to visit several restaurants and hire waiters, managers, and chefs, a single location catering service provider will take care of everything. All you need to do is prepare your food at one location and make it available for sale to the customers. You can get paid in cash/payable cheque or with credit/debit cards/ prepaid visa cards.

Thirdly, the costs involved in starting a new restaurant and setting up an existing restaurant in a new location are very high. A Food Truck entrepreneur saves a lot of money by opting for a food truck rather than setting up a restaurant. A mobile catering unit has a definite advantage in that it’s self-sustaining and hence, it doesn’t require any kind of long-term funding.

Another great advantage of food trucks is their ability to adapt to the changing demands of the market. This can help them cut down on cost and improve their quality of service and product delivery. Since the market is dynamic and consumers have many options, restaurants find it difficult to stay in business.

But, with a mobile catering unit, there is no room for retrenchment. Food truck owners can add new menus, serve different cuisines, and can make them available for walk-in clients whenever they wish to eat. They don’t even have to hire extra staff to cover for days when there are no orders.

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