Professional Waffle Makers

Before you decide to go without breakfast, waffles can make a perfect one for you. However, ensure that you take them in considerable amounts. Occasionally eating waffles fits just right for a healthy diet. Always eat them whole grain and pick an appropriate accompaniment.

Make a perfect balance of your waffles with a cake-like interior and a crisp exterior only with a waffle maker. You can do it effortlessly while at home. But, it’ll necessitate you to have the roller grill range of professional waffle makers to enjoy them at the comfort of your couch. So here are some best professional makers to fulfill that waffle thirst.

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Roller Grill GES 20 Waffle Maker

Anytime you need Belgian Liège waffles, GES 20 is the best. Without turning over the machine, you still get faultless cooking. The gadget has a cast iron plate that is fixed and has enough power.  With these two imprints is the reason why you can cook two waffles at ago.

Preparing these golden waffles is in just three minutes at 230oC.  So, make 40 liege waffles in an hour. Further, GES 20 professional electric waffle maker is significant in tea rooms and restaurants for table service.

Other places are during festivals and fairs. So, what else can this professional electric waffle iron GES 20 prepare? Get frozen waffles, frozen dough, and fresh homemade waffles with it.

Roller Grill GES 10 Waffle Maker

It’s an ideal waffle maker for deep-frozen and frozen precooked Brussel pattern waffles. Roller Grill GES 10 Waffle makes two waffles in a few minutes. Amazingly, this waffle maker can give you a golden, crispy finish from the rapid level distribution of heat from the cast iron plates.

The fresh and frozen waffle dough is used with ease by the 4-side drip tray. Other features of it include:

  • A thermostat of 300o C,
  • Cast iron cooking plates,
  • 19kg weight,
  • Neon power and
  • surround drip tray.

Other Roller Grills Waffle Makers

  1. GES 75 – it’s one round professional waffle maker that cooks round waffles served for four. It features 300oC thermostat and control lights. Best of all, delivery is with a brush and a timer.
  2. GES 40– with this, you can now create your ice-cream cone. It features a grooved mould and a wooden cone for ice cream making. With it no need to turn it over for baking. Designed appropriately for you!
  3. GES 23- This a corn-shaped waffle iron. You can cook four waffles on a stick with it. Well, anyone interested in baking snacks uniquely will love this!
  4. GES 80– It’s a professional electric waffle with a cast-iron mould. It has four cylindrical imprints for preparing four waffles at 270oC in merely two and a half minutes. So in an hour, you have 96 waffles altogether!

Waffle making has been made easy with roller grill waffle makers. With a keen read, you’ll find your best suit here though there are numerous others you can check out. It’s never too late to purchase one for making your all-time favorites with family and friends!

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