Is eating dark chocolate beneficial for you?

Dark chocolate is one of the many types of chocolate available today. What makes dark chocolate so unique is that it packs the delicious intensity of cocoa with only a hint of sweetness. Dark chocolate is made from cacao beans, cacao butter and fats. It contains close to no milk solids and very small amounts of sugar which makes it a healthier bar of chocolate to consume.

Chocolate as a whole is not new to our world at all. While today it is known as the beloved confection that kids and adults alike adore, it was first used as medicine! Dark chocolate in fact contains a plethora of essential nutrients that nourish the body and protect us from several ailments. Before we begin, if you are craving some delicious dark chocolate with choco mousse filling, Fabelle Choco Mousse with Nuts and Berries is your saviour. Check out the Fabelle chocolate price online on ITC Store.

Now let us understand if eating dark chocolate is beneficial for you.

Dark chocolate is enriched with nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, antioxidants, and proteins, along with one particular type of protein known as Flavonols. The presence of these helpful nutrients causes dark chocolate to be healthy for our bodies.

Here are some important dark chocolate health benefits to know:

  • Protects the Heart: The Flavonols in dark chocolate are responsible for preventing the hardening of arteries and fighting blockages of vessels. This improves blood flow and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disorders. Flavonols in dark chocolate also prevent erratic blood pressure and reduce hypertension.
  • Decreases Risk of Diabetes: While this is not a well-established fact, some studies have found that dark chocolate reduces insulin resistance in the body and helps the body to use insulin instead. Another fact about dark chocolate that supports this claim is that dark chocolate has a low Glycemic Index value and hence it does not cause spikes in blood sugar levels.
  • Improves your Mood: Dark chocolate not only increases blood flow near the heart but also in the brain. Studies have found that this can greatly improve one’s mood and brain function. So feeling down or low can be solved by having some dark chocolate.
  • Protects Skin: Some studies have researched the effects of eating dark chocolate on the skin and found that dark chocolate has the ability to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. For the uninitiated, UV rays are one of the many rays that touch our skin daily as we step out in the sun. UV rays are known to cause drastic sun damage like ageing, redness, inflammation and even skin cancer.

Along with these dark chocolate benefits, it can also be noted that dark chocolate contains antioxidants which are responsible for reducing oxidative stress and in turn, ageing as well.

All these benefits can be availed only with dark chocolate as it is one of the purer forms of cocoa among other chocolate types. A dark chocolate bar with 70% or more cocoa presence can help you avail maximum benefits. Additionally, dark chocolate bars with minimal sugar amounts and no trans fat are the best to consume if you want to enjoy a bar of chocolate and make it positively affect your body too.

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