How to Get Liquor License in Orange County?

If you are planning to set up a liquor shop in Orange County Florida, or move your existing liquor business to this place, then this article will be useful for you. It will assist you with all the necessary information that you need for smooth execution of the start-up phase.

The License Application Procedure

Every municipal jurisdiction in Florida has its own liquor license requirements and regulations pertaining to obtaining a liquor license. It is required that you check the type of documentation to operate liquor business in the county.

Before you start an application procedure, you need to make arrangements of the following documentation:

  • Municipal zoning approval
  • Personal information that includes Social Security number, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Criminal records
  • Right of Occupancy
  • Fingerprinting
  • Contracts for management
  • Drawing of floor plan to establish the liquor shop
  • Use and Sales tax registration requirement from the Revenue Department of Florida
  • Registration number of documents obtained from the Florida state
  • Federal identification number of employees

After collecting all the above documents, and submitting the application form along with these documents, the concerned team will evaluate your application.

Types of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses in Florida

Before you apply for a liquor license in Florida, you need to go through the list of available permits, and licenses for alcoholic beverages. A variety of businesses sell alcohol beverages that include the below mentioned types of operations:

  • Full-service restaurants, and bars
  • Packaged wine and beer for off-premises use
  • Consumption on-premises for wine, and beer only
  • Caterers
  • Motels, and hotels
  • Gastronomic education programs
  • Transportation establishments and passenger vessels that includes airplanes, railroads, buses, boats, etc.
  • Event centers
  • Lodges, athletic clubs, golf clubs, and fraternal order groups
  • Specialty permits

Beverage License Specialists is a leading firm that understands the needs of its clients and helps them with the right Orange County liquor license.

Selecting the right type of Liquor License

Selection of a liquor permit enables a business to progress and alter than re-applying for a distinctive license. If your business yields revenue of 51% or more through the sale of non-alcoholic beverages and food, then it is eligible for a 4 SFS /COP license. There are countless types of licenses for establishing a liquor business, while Quota Licenses are available in limited number depending on the county’s population.


This guide will definitely help you understand the right way to open a liquor business in Orange County.  Follow this step by step procedure to realize your dream of opening a liquor shop in Orange County.

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