Gourmet Cake Flavours That Are A Must Try 

Chocolate is the most popular cake flavour. Everyone seems to be in love with its rich and dark taste. Second, to chocolate, there is vanilla. The subtly sweet taste of vanilla is unmatched, especially in white forest cake. Then, comes the likes of butterscotch, black forest, red velvet, fruit, strawberry, etc. Suppose you think your flavoursome choices come to an end here, then it’s just the start. These are some of the traditional cake flavours that have been around for centuries. However, with evolution and increasing demand for something exotic; there exist gourmet flavours.

These gourmet flavours are anything but ordinary. These are just finger-licking yum that may become your current all-time favourite.

Ginger spice: If you love spices, then this sweet-savoury cake is for you. With the right balance of spices, ginger, cream cheese; it is the perfect treat to tantalize the taste buds. You can also serve ginger spice cake at any celebration for that exotic surprise element.

Tropical Guava: If you are a fruit lover, think past pineapple and strawberry cake. Think guava cake. It’s a summer delight. A guava cake with fresh whipped cream or cake toppings is sure to make this cake everyone’s summer’s favourite.

Tangy Lime: Cakes are not sweet all the time. Sometimes it’s sour and tangy like the lime cake. The key ingredient of lime zest makes the cake light and refreshing and palpable. Bring this cake on the table and let the taste buds of the party revellers do the tango dance.

Pink Champagne: Pink Champagne cake for the special day, like birthdays. Sounds pretty? Well, you have to believe your eyes. Vanilla buttercream and strawberry filling cake layers dressed in Champagne pink frosting with scallops and sparkling candles. Oh! It’s a cake out of fairy tale land.

Butterscotch Hazelnut: Butterscotch cake with whipped cream and butterscotch chips is a sure hit across generations. However, this time treat yourself with butterscotch hazelnut cake with roasted hazelnuts and caramel sauce.

Walnut Maple: A sponge cake with finely chopped chunks of walnuts and soaked in maple syrup. You can frost it with vanilla buttercream or apple sauce, and in every form, it will leave the relishes to spell bound.

Coffee Cake: Have your slice of coffee! Coffee cakes are the current favourite of not just the coffee lovers but for everyone because of the rich aroma that wakes up your soul and the coffee taste that leaves you mocha happy.

Blueberry: Blueberry cakes are baked with fresh and juicy blueberries in the layers with blueberry jam, white chocolate on top. Then, lemon blueberry coffee cake is also a new choice. When craving for a fruity and juicy squirt, go for blueberry cakes.

Tea Cake: For tea lovers, anything with tea flavour is the best. So for such souls there exists a tea cake. Teacake is baked with flavourful tea taste and aroma. The touch of cinnamon powder makes it even more delicious and gourmet to taste.

Rasmalai Cake: The favourite Indian dessert in a cake. Rasmalai cake is love for Indians. The layers of this cake are soaked in authentic Rasmalai syrup with cream frosting. The top layer is adorned Rasmalai pieces, rose petals, silver vark, pistachios.

Gulab Jamun Cake: Yes, another favourite Indian sweet in a new avatar, Gulab Jamun cake. In every bite of the cake, you can relish the sweetness of the Gulab Jamun with the creamy deliciousness.

Try out these gourmet cake flavours the next time your tastebuds crave for something sweet and delicious. You can easily avail yourself these cake flavours from reputed online bakeries. Order cakes in Pune or wherever you live and revel in exotic deliciousness.

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