Know These Brunch Etiquettes and Make a Favorable Impression on Those Around

Brunches are about casual mid-day meals with family and friends. There is a brunch boom prevailing globally and Wynwood is no exception. Catch up with your loved ones for a relaxed brunch this upcoming weekend. There is a handful of amazing brunch restaurants in Wynwood.

Joey is a popular Italian Café offering one of the best brunches in Wynwood. Every dish you find on their brunch menu is flavorful. The ambiance is just perfect for a relaxing and sumptuous brunch. Inviting your friends for brunch? Do read the brunch etiquettes beforehand so that at the end of the day no one is left disappointed.

Do I have to follow brunch etiquettes?

Yes! Though brunches aren’t formal like other meals, it doesn’t necessarily imply you can leave your manners at home. To ensure a great brunch experience for your group and the restaurant management, follow these brunch etiquettes.

Host etiquettes: 

If you have invited a group of people for brunch, make sure you on time so that you don’t keep others waiting. If you want to upload the group pictures on social media, consult if others are okay with it. Make sure your guests don’t leave the place drunk.

Etiquettes to be followed by those who are invited to brunch:

When you receive an invitation to brunch, let the host know in advance if you’ll be able to make it or not. Arrive on time and don’t bring a guest without informing the host. Avoid arriving empty-handed.

During the brunch:

  • Stick to the brunch menu: What if you love Frappuccino but you don’t find it on the menu? Of course, the restaurant will be ok with serving your favorite dishes but it’s going to take them more time and you may be charged extra.
  • Avoid over-indulging on the mimosas: Just because you want to eat more to get your money’s worth during a bottomless brunch, avoid heckling your server for drinks.

  • Don’t fight over upcharges: Many restaurants will charge extra if you order substitutions. To make sure you aren’t charged extra, ask the waiter about it before ordering.
  • Tip well: Brunches are hectic for restaurant staff but the checks are low when compared to dinner. Tip just like how you would tip for any formal dinner.
  • Clear the place once you are done: After you have paid the bill, do reserve your chit chat for some other place or at some other place. People are waiting in line and you don’t want to spoil the restaurant’s business.

Avoid giving the restaurant staff a hard time. If you remain polite, they’ll be extra attentive to you and you’ll have a pleasant dining experience.

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